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Rabbit Hole review

by Darryl Reilly

"...the engaging Suzie Cho plays this challenging role with a masterful blend of melancholy and spiritedness.  Ms. Cho vividly conveys the character’s grief, “I’m coping,” as well as her light-hearted moments with tremendous focus and her powerful performance is the centerpiece of the play."

Press & Reviews


Rabbit Hole review

by Olga El

"A Triumph"

"The dynamic between Cho and supporting actress, Ashley Ford, was particularly strong...compelling performances from both actresses.

WomanAroundTown Rabbit Hole review

by Veronica Manlow

Love Child

The Baby Dance review

by Adrienne Cea

...Cho and Riboli have a natural chemistry with each other. They fill up the stage with their personalities, drawing you into their world. Watching them, you can feel the scorching sun, taste the cheap, bland food and imagine the neighbor’s wild dogs, which can be heard yapping in the distance. 

"This is serious theater at its best: engaging, intelligent, exhilarating and satisfying."


"...delivered with flawless execution. The acting, staging and production are top rate."

Latest News

Suzie is the Artistic Director of the exciting new Full Spectrum Theatre Company!  

Suzie is proud to have received her 2nd scholarship to the Upright Citizens Brigade.


Check back for future performance dates!

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